Opening Soon!

Thank you for your interest, but we have not yet opened our virtual doors. We expect to open in early spring of 2016. See you then!

What is Murray2U all about?

Over the years we have acquired a lot of stuff from various estates; businesses that have closed, upgraded, or renovated; and other things that we have found that shoppers might like to purchase. · We also plan to offer consignment sales, inventory liquidations, and other such things. · Some stuff will be brand-new in original packaging, some will be antiques, and a lot will be somewhere in between. · The quality of the merchandise will vary, but we will always clearly identify and describe everything. · We will offer a satisfaction guarantee on everything not sold as scrap.

Why the name Murray2U?

Because Murray is our family name, and we sell directly to you. · Since our name is on the line, you can rest assured that we are doing to do our best to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations. · It's not always easy for a mom-and-son business to do that, but we are going to try our best. · We will always want to hear your feedback, both on things that we do well, and things that we could do better.

We look forward to serving you soon!